Step-by-Step How to grip a golf club easily for beginners without a vise

Did you know that it is recommended to regrip your golf clubs every year or more depending on how much you play?

No, well neither did I, so you are not alone by any means. I did have one of my drivers regripped at the course and it cost me $35 to have 1 club regripped with Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grip, which got me thinking how hard could it be to regrip my own clubs at home.

In the video below I will walk you through how to regrip your golf clubs at home without using a vise, now if you have a vise I am sure it will make he process that much easier, therefore, if you have one, I would go ahead and use it.

I will also provide links to all the things you will need to easily regrip your golf clubs at home.

Step by Step How to Change Golf Grips without Vise

  1. Find and purchase your new golf grips – Research and Purchase Golf Pride Grips Here
  2. Gather all needed supplies to regrip clubs (Double Sided Tape, Grip Tape Solution, Hook Blades, Utility Knife, Mud Pan, Acetone, and a towel)
  3. Gather clubs in which you will be changing the grips
  4. Remove old grip by inserting hook blade and pulling away from you, peel back the grip. If you have any tension just reinsert the hook blade as you are peeling back the grip, it should come off pretty easily.
  5. Remove old double sided tape. Use utility knife with a regular blade to scrape off the tape, it should come off pretty easily. Wipe it down with the acetone to remove the old glue.
  6. Measure double sided tape to the length of your new golf grip and cut it
  7. Apply the double sided tape to your golf club leaving a little over hang at the top of the club shaft, tuck the tape into the hole at the top of the golf club shaft.
  8. Wrap the tape around the club shaft and remove the other side of the tape exposing the outer sticky part of the tape
  9. Pour your grip tape solution into your new golf grip holding it over your mud pan while plugging the hole on the bottom of your grip with your finger.
  10. Once the grip is full with the solution pour it over the double sided tape, which you can just pour it or remove your finder from the hole in the bottom of your grip and let it flow out over the grip tape, either way will work fine.  Either way hold it over your mud pan so you don’t make a mess and can save the tap solution as you can reuse it. 
  11. Slide your new golf grip onto the shaft and over the double sided tape, it should slide on very easily.
  12. Once on, tap the end of the club on the floor a few times to make sure your golf grip is all the way on.
  13. Once on you will want to line up your grip to the spot where you want it and to make sure it is not crooked. You will see a white line on the top and bottom of the grip, make sure those lines are lined up and you will be good to go.  Please note that you have plenty of time to line this up so there is no need to panic and rush through this.
  14. Wait 3-4 few hours (I usually wait 24 hours) to give it time to dry before testing it out.

So there you have it, how to easily regrip your golf clubs from home without using a vise. If you are anything like me, you will be looking for more clubs to regrip, lol. 

If you have any questions, comments or if I can help in anyway leave a comment below and I will be honored to help. I appreciate you taking the time to view this blog post and I wish you the best of luck on regripping your clubs easily at home.

Everything you need to regrip your clubs at home:

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