Mistwood Indoor Golf Dome Review | Bolingbrook, IL

Mistwood Golf Dome

Mistwood Indoor Golf Dome

Mistwood Golf Dome is located at 730 N Bolingbrook Dr (IL-53), Bolingbrook, IL 60440. They are open during the week (Monday -to- Thursday) from 8am to 10pm (11pm on Friday) and on the weekend from 7am -to- 11pm on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday. It is recommended to reserve a bay ahead of time as they book up quick making walk-ins very difficult.

Golf season for most of us living in the Midwest is April to November, if were lucky.  Leaving us only a few off-season practice options to consider and one of those options is the Mistwood Golf Dome with Toptracer Technology. 

If you are not familiar with Toptracer, it’s the technology that is able to track and trace your ball path during flight, which if you have watched any PGA Tour events on TV this is the magical line on the screen showing the balls path through the air, which in my opinion makes watching golf so much better. 


Chipping Area

The chipping area is a decent size and is able to fit 3 golfers at a time, however, 2 is the  preferred amount in my experience. There are multiple holes at varying distances for you to chip too. All in all this is a nice little chipping green for off-season practice. 

Putting Area

Mistwood Golf Dome offers you two practice putting areas, one is located next to the chipping area and the other is located on the other side near the training area. I prefer the putting green near the training area as I find it a bit larger and is normally less crowded than the other area. I will note that the putting greens here are very fast, so easy does it. 

The Range

Mistwood Golf Dome offers 30 hitting stations to choose from both upstairs and on the main floor. Each bay has your typical artificial indoor hitting mat, unlimited balls, sitting area, and Monitor with Toptracer.  

  • Week Day Rates: $19.50 per half hour
  • Weekend Rates: $22.50 per half hour
  • Unlimited balls included at your bay, no need to purchase buckets or tokens
  • Putting and Chipping Greens are available at no additional cost
  • Toptracer Technology provides instant feedback with every shot and is also stored on the mobile app

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoy coming out to the Mistwood Golf Dome as it offers me the perfect off-season practice facility to keep the rust off my swing during the winter months. The other big factor is having the ability to hit the ball out onto the range verses a screen or net a few feet away from me. Toptracer technology not only provides instant feedback but offers different games to keep practice fun.


If you live in the area and are looking for a great place to hit some balls during the winter months or when the weather is just nasty outside I would highly recommend checking out the Mistwood Golf Dome

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